The CMD Festival is based around the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the #knowyourgoals campaign. The purpose of this festival is to create awareness of the goals and the campaign to create a further understanding of how Scouting can continue to be an environmentally friendly organisation and how we can all live sustainably.

The CMD Festival invites all Scouting Members throughout Australia to submit something Creative using Media & Design which connect, supports and promotes the 17 goals. These submissions could include; Photos, Short Stories, Posters, Short Films, Videos, Graphic Designs, Hand Craft and much more. We ask that you delve into your imagination and use inspiration from the 17 goals to create something original and unique.

Competition Starts: 10th September 2017
Competition Closes: 31st November 2017

Festival Categories: Photography, Poetry, Posters, Short Film, Short Stories, Skits, Visual Art (more information on Submission Details page)

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