National Rover Forum @ WAM 2014

Here is the final report of the National Rover Forum held at the 19th Australian Rover Moot – WAM, December/January 2013 -14.

The Forum was run in a new format at WAM based on a workshop at the 2013 NRC meeting. Participants at the Moot were surveyed on iPads whilst waiting in the line for dinner. Two surveys were run each night, three iPads per survey and respondents were randomly selected. Over 900 responses were received in total, across 9 surveys.

NRF2014 – Full Report

This report has been distributed to NRC, BRCs, National teams, NOC and other relevant groups as required.


Community Awards Report Completed

Olympia Patrol was requested by National Commissioner (Youth Program) John Clarke to appraise strategies to increase the incidence and recognition of youth members achieving local, state and national community awards. We were also requested to compile a list of community awards for Australian youth. After conducting online research and engaging in patrol discussions, we created the following report with recommendations for National and Branch policy: Community Awards.

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