Welcome to the new website of the Scouts Australia National Youth Council!

The National Youth Council (NYC) is the primary body representing the youth members of Scouts Australia at a National level. It makes recommendations directly to the National Team on a range of issues affecting Scouting in Australia, the issues of young people, plus a range of other topics. The National Youth Council consists of 27 members who each serve a three year term. We have members from all corners of Australia, aged between 13 and 26.

The Council is separated into four patrols, and further topic patrols, each researching and writing recommendations on their own topics. Every member (except the Chair and the two Vice Chairs) is a part of a patrol. The Patrol Leaders, along with the Council Chair and two Vice Chairs make up the NYC Executive.

Through being a member of the National Youth Council, you can also have the ability to be the NYC’s Appointment to:

  • The Scouts Australia Environment Team (Elected)
  • The Scouts Australia International Team (Elected)
  • The Scouts Australia Training Team (Elected)
  • The Scouts Australia Adventurous Activities Team (Elected)
  • The National Finance Committee (Appointed through Application)
  • Other Teams that come and go.

We’re seeking Change Makers – Join the National Youth Council

It is with great pleasure that we announce that applications are now open for membership of the Scouts Australia National Youth Council. The appointment period will be from March 2017.

We're Seeking Change Makers Applications close MIDNIGHT 24th December 2016

The National Youth Council provides advice and recommendations directly to National Committees and Councils on a range of issues that affect young people in Scouting.

The Council comprises a total of twenty-five youth members selected to represent a cross section of Scouting in Australia.  There is representation from the Scout, Venturer and Rover sections, as well as Young Leaders.  Each branch (or state) of Scouts Australia is also represented.

Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to meet motivated youth members from every state of Australia and work with the National Team including the Chief Commissioner of Australia, and develop personal skills in a wide range of areas.

Basic Membership Requirements for the NYC

  1. You must be a registered member of Scouts Australia through your home State/Branch.
  2. You must be aged between 13 years and 23 years (inclusive) at the time of your appointment (March 1).
  3. You must have regular, reliable computer and internet access and be able to attend and contribute to monthly online meetings. Meetings are normally held via Google Hangout/Skype/Go-to-meeting, and we make extensive use of Trello, Google Drive, SurveyMonkey, and other Scouts Australia online resources. Don’t worry if you’ve never used these before, we’ll train you.
  4. You must be available to attend two conferences held on a weekend in Autumn and Spring. (The cost is covered by Scouts Australia).
  5. Your application will be sent to your Branch Chief Commissioner for checking and approval.
  6. You will also be expected to attend and contribute to monthly meetings online as part of a patrol, considering a range of topics and issues presented to you for input.
  7. It is expected that to properly represent your fellow Scouts, you set aside some time to research and find out about a topic that your Patrol is discussing, in between meetings.

Appointments take effect from the Training Conference held in Autumn. Your appointment is continually reviewed.

The selection process

  1. Applications open – now!
  2. Heaps of amazing applications are received!
  3. Applications close – 24th December.
  4. The selection panel (NYCE and 2 x NYC vice-chair’s) meet to short list applications – January.
  5. Applicants notified of outcome of there application – late January.

Got a question?

If you have questions about the Council, applying or anything else, feel free to contact the National Commissioner Youth Empowerment, Elodie, by email to NCYE@scouts.com.au or phone on 048 8497 737.

 Applications close MIDNIGHT Sunday 24nd December 2016

Click here to apply!

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Elodie PrinslooWe’re seeking Change Makers – Join the National Youth Council



Scouts Australia has an exciting new position available and the National Youth Council is very excited. In a symbolic step forward for our organisation, Scouts Australia has decided, with some help from the NYC, to have a National Commissioner for Youth Empowerment. But what does this mean?

The National Commissioner Youth Empowerment will be responsible for the National Youth Council (amongst other things) and will take over the role of NYC Chair at the March Conference of the Council in Brisbane. We would like to invite everyone to check out the position description and if you are aged between 18-23 in March 2016, you are encouraged to apply, if you are up for the adventure.

National Commissioner Youth Empowerment Role Description

Online Application Form

If you would like to apply, but have questions about the responsibilities please don’t hesitate to contact Johnathan Morey (the current NYC Chair, and the last) for more details, to arrange a phone call: nyc.chair@scouts.com.au

Applications Close 15th February. We would like to make an announcement before the 5th of March 2016 and would like to invite the person selected to the conference in 18-20th March 2016.

Share this with your friends, so we can have many applicants and choose the best person for the role.

Many thanks,
The National Youth Council.

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