WOSM2We are very excited at the National Youth Council because The World Organization of the Scouting Movement (WOSM) has released their final copy of their Youth Involvement Policy. Why are we so excited? We were apart of the process of creating it. We were involved reviewing and helping shape this document into something National Scouting Organisations can use as a basis for youth involvement across the world. Continue reading

9 New NYC members in 2015

The National Youth Council is very excited to announce 9 brand new members to the council. These members will join us at our Autumn Conference in Brisbane, in March this year.

Congratulations to the incoming members of the NYC in 2015 are:

Ben H – WA
Cara M – VIC
Chris B – VIC
Nyapal C- VIC
Sabella S – QLD
Nathan L – NSW
Meg C – NSW
Eleanor H – ACT
Narelle B – TAS

Congratulate them below in the comments, and watch them help shape Scouts Australia in 2015-2017.